Get the Best Protection Possible for Your Flat Top Roof

Get the Best Protection Possible for Your Flat Top Roof

Learn about fabric-reinforced roofing system services in New Paris, Goshen & Benton, IN

One of the best and popular methods of protecting your roof is installing a fabric-reinforced acrylic coating on it. NDA Energized Coatings, LLC provides fabric-reinforced roofing system installation services in New Paris, Goshen or Benton, IN.

Our fabric-reinforced roofs are tough, flexible, rugged and lightweight. They hold up through severe weather conditions and will extend the lifespan of your roof greatly. It's also an ENERGY STAR-certified roof protection method.

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Why you should get a fabric-reinforced roof

If you're considering getting a fabric-reinforced roofing system installed on your commercial building, reach out to the experts at NDA Energized Coatings in New Paris, Goshen or Benton, IN right now. We highly recommend installing fabric-reinforced roofs because they:

  • Offer superb wind and hail protection
  • Stop leaks with superior waterproofing properties
  • Increase energy efficiency by utilizing cool, reflective white surfaces

Make sure you're protecting your roof as best as possible. Contact the professionals at NDA Energized Coatings to make an appointment today.